Company Background


Finding the right combination of energy systems, building materials and design features to create the most energy-efficient building for each client’s needs is a crucial part of today’s architectural design process. But how can you keep up with the changing array of green products, performance demands, cost factors, incentives and regulations, and present these options to your clients in a clear and comprehensive way?

Ekotrope Inc. has the answer. We have developed a unique software solution that lets you analyze the efficiency and cost of all the energy design elements for a given project to help select the combination that is right for your clients’ investment and environmental goals.
Our database and innovative decision engine—backed by our team of experts in construction, energy analysis, software development and business—let you bridge the gap between today’s green technology and your clients’ needs.

From selecting heating system options and window glazing to calculating savings from florescent lighting and attic insulation methods, Ekotrope lets you plug in various combinations of energy design components to instantly see the trade-offs before you design the project. It also helps you address the growing demands of stricter energy code compliance, test design decisions as the project progresses and forecast energy cost growth.

Created by MIT scientists and industry entrepreneurs, our design modeling technology gives you the tools to create the optimum design with less time and expense, helping to maximize your organization’s profit and performance and differentiate you from the competition.

The Ekotrope Solution

In October of 2011, Ekotrope launched a solution geared to the rapidly growing sustainable-home construction market.  Ekotrope not only finds the best set of building components to meet client energy and cost goals, but it also lets you visually present the financial benefits of energy-related capital investments to clients to easily demonstrate the pros and cons of specific energy-related components.

With Ekotrope, architects and builders working on new and retrofitted homes can easily measure and visualize energy trade-offs. More specifically, Ekotrope focuses on improving the energy design process by offering four distinct values:

  • Finds the solution that achieves a target energy efficiency and rating at the minimum cost quickly and early in the process
  • Provides an intuitive, easy-to-use, web-based interface that can be used by all stakeholders to effectively communicate energy options and make decisions
  • Saves costly downstream corrections needed for code compliance by enabling quick analysis of construction change orders during the building process
  • Finds energy investment “sweet spots” – where the energy-efficient design lowers out-of-pocket costs (monthly utility savings exceed the additional monthly mortgage!)