Ekotrope for Duke’s Energy Efficiency Program

All submissions to Duke’s Residential New Construction (RNC) Energy Efficiency Program in North Carolina now go through Ekotrope RATER.  Home Energy Raters participating in the program can enter all necessary information and submit for a rebate application entirely within Ekotrope.  Ekotrope has also developed dozens of automated Quality Assurance (QA) checks available to users as they are modeling or submitting a home.

These features save raters and program administrators a lot of time and headaches.  Raters only need to use Ekotrope for modeling and submission and the QA checks help them catch most issues with models quickly and early.  Program administrators no longer need to build and maintain a software intake tool or check that models have been input correctly.  For example, Ekotrope’s QA Checks save the Massachusetts RNC program 42 person-days/month!

On August 7th, Nick Sisler of Ekotrope demonstrated Ekotrope’s RATER product in a webinar to raters in the Duke program.  Here is a recording of that webinar and this page has written instructions.

Duke Ekotrope Submission Screenshot

Duke Submission in Ekotrope

Ekotrope supports many similar RNC programs around the country and is expanding as program administrators and raters recognize the value of the all-in-one solution and QA checks.  If you are interested in using Ekotrope for you program please contact us.