Ekotrope RATER – Now the Most Widely Used HERS Rating Software in the US

Ekotrope is a start-up company based in Boston, MA that provides software to help improve home energy efficiency.  In 2016, Ekotrope launched RATER, a Home Energy Rating System (HERS®) software tool.  HERS is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured.  In 2018, 236,000 homes were HERS rated in the US. Ekotrope RATER is now being used to rate about 10,000 homes per month, making it the most widely used HERS rating software in the US.

Ekotrope RATER is also used to design many homes that don’t go through the full HERS rating process.  Including these homes, Ekotrope estimates that RATER is used on 1 in 6 of all new homes. CEO Ziv Rozenblum credits Ekotrope’s rapid growth to a customer-centric focus. ‘We strive to put our customers first in everything we do.  We respond to virtually all customer support questions in a couple hours and customer feedback is a critical part of our software development process.’

Ekotrope is now starting to expand beyond HERS rating software.  Last year they launched a new software product to support major renovations and additions and are working with energy efficiency program administrators to streamline the program data collection and submission process.