For Utilities

For utility program managers, Ekotrope UTILITY is a cloud-based program administration software that reduces administration time and achieves more saving at a fraction of the cost.

"The integration of Ekotrope and ICF as a program management system is the best thing to happen to the Mass Save program in a long time. Having program submission tools embedded into Ekotrope has significantly improved our experience in the program.""

- Tim Gould, Principal at Ace EnergyServices

"We strongly support merging the SRP program submission platform into Ekotrope. It would decrease the amount of effort required to submit to the program and help make sure that we are maximizing our rebate potential. Dealing with separate submission emails, software, and/or websites can be a major pain. This integration would make my life so much easier!"

- Katie Johnson COO at JKP Energy Inspections (formerly D.R. Wastchak)


  • Deployed at over 30 utility programs nationwide

  • Access to builders and homeowners when they make the design choices for energy efficiency components

  • Automatic QA/QC for any set of parameters

  • 1-Click program submission, upload and data consolidation

  • Incentivize capabilities for both KWH and KW (peak demand)

  • Proven energy efficiency calculations that work on any device anywhere – tablets or laptops, Mac or Windows, office or in the field


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