Careers at Ekotrope


About Ekotrope

Ekotrope is a Boston-based software Startup, revolutionizing the biggest industry in the world – construction, into building more affordable, energy-efficient buildings.

Ekotrope uses an MIT based technology created for NASA to allow production builders to make smarter design choices. A typical client reduces construction costs by thousands of dollars per home while increasing energy efficiency and reducing decision time for design choices from months to minutes.
Our commercially available solution is already used nationwide by some of the largest builders in the country.

If you are interested in the below leading opportunities at our innovative start up – send your resume

Open Positions:

Software Engineer

Job Summary

We are looking for a software engineer with a strong desire to learn, teach, and take on responsibility.  We want someone who can compliment our skill sets – adding experience where we lack it and learning from ours where we have strength.  One challenge we would like help with is improving the robustness and performance of our application, which may involve splitting our monolithic app into separate services.  We are envisioning hiring someone with several years of post-academic experience.


  • Full stack development
    • New features
    • New products
    • Bug fixes
    • Dev-ops
  • Technical Support for our clients as needed.  Our whole development team does this.
  • Quality assurance.  We all do code reviews, automated and manual testing.


  • 3+ years non-academic experience in software development
  • Strong communication skills, both technical and interpersonal
  • Passion for growth and learning
  • Desire to do full stack software engineering, including dev ops
  • Technical skills
    • Java, MySQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript
    • Maven
    • Linux (dev) ops experience
    • At least one of the following:
      • Significant AWS experience
      • Significant MySQL experience
        • Database design
        • Performance
        • Interface with Hibernate
      • Significant experience with build systems
    • [BONUS] GWT
    • [BONUS] UI design
    • [BONUS] Home energy efficiency knowledge


Software Development Intern

Job Description:

Full stack software development on our production application alongside our core engineering team.  The intern will be contributing to our client-facing product from week 1.


  • Proficiency in Java
  • Several years of software development experience (academic, independent, or other)

Beneficial Skills:

  • HTML / CSS
  • MySQL
  • AWS experience
  • GWT (Google Web Toolkit)
  • Hibernate

Marketing and Sales Interns

Job Description:

Ekotrope has a disruptive technology and we see strong demand to our solution. A key to our success is being able to explain our unique value to prospects and the ability to reach our target audience easily. Towards this end, we will need an exceptional person to assist in:

  • Help us shape our message
  • Building collateral
  • Building customer’s presentations
  • Blogging and helping with social media
  • Run market research
  • Analyze prospects list to generate leads
  • Potentially –  assist with lead qualifications


  • Have both practical and academic background in related areas. Strong emphasis will be given for practical experience in start ups.
  • Proven hands-on experience.
  • Proven ability to be self-directed.
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills (will ask to see a presentation and other business written examples).
  • Blogging, social networks, SEO experience – a plus.