Ekotrope RATER

For raters and providers, Ekotrope RATER is a cutting-edge, cloud-based HERS rating software that delivers energy ratings faster and easier.

HERS and LEED Webinar with Ekotrope RATER – June 28th

Ekotrope Raters

• Works on any device anywhere – tablets or laptops, Mac or Windows

• A modern, intuitive interface for starting, editing and reviewing files

• Automated error checks that cut Quality Assurance time and overhead

• Ongoing, real-time upgrades based on user needs

• With Ekotrope OPTIMIZER, drives the best design choices for builders

• Competitively priced



"I don’t often endorse products…. I only endorse things I believe in, things that can make our lives better and help our businesses and customers prosper. That’s why I endorse Ekotrope."

- Brett Dillon, Managing Director, IBS Advisors, LLC

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